Anonymous asked: I love your blog, but you should probably know that this piece of art on your blog ( /post/21608667045/tatsumari ) was not drawn by Tatsumairi (which is the correct spelling of her name by the way, you missed an i in every single post you credited her.) It was a gift to her from someone who shared a weblink with her. Just thought you should know. As a highly regarded Professor Layton fanart blog, you should really pay attention to details like this, especially names of artists.


I’m sorry.

I’ll fix it.

Thanks for this. -u- <3


Anonymous asked: How come this blog doesn't update anymore?

I’m sorry!

My posting is very inconsistent because… well. If you really want to know, TL;DR I’m at this point in my life where I have a real 9-5 job and I have to adjust… to being a ~grown up~… *shudder* 

And to expand on that: …I still reblog on my personal tumblr to de-stress. Mindlessly reblogging stuff is effortless.

But when I want to post/reblog stuff here… not so mindless/effortless. I tend to be obsessively meticulous with some things and Gressenheller is definitely one of those things I would want to put a little more effort in. But since my free time’s been dramatically reduced, Gressenheller Uni’s quality has suffered a bit. :<

I’ve actually considered letting someone else take the reins in my stead until I’m free again… but free time is a far off idea so I’ve also thought of giving this blog up to someone else.

But I’m admittedly selfish and disorganized and lazy so I’ve held off on that idea.

But then… I should do what’s best, let go, and probably find a new blog mod once I have a free weekend, huh?


Anonymous asked: Is there any, any fanart of Dimitri on this big wide Internet? :)

You’re in luck! :D


Anonymous asked: I was wondering if anyone else noticed in the movie Eternal Diva Layton played the piano (the first time in bedroom) with only one hand (when he should be using two). Oddly I watched the movie another time with english subtitles instead of in english on youtube and saw that in this version of the movie he ACTUALLY USED TWO HANDS TO PLAY! They must have animated this twice? Has anyone else noticed this? The two channels I watched the movie on were Eternaldivathemovie (dub) and Laytonmovie (sub)

:0! Wow, that’s quite an observation. Makes me want to watch both versions of the movie all over again!

Has anyone else noticed this? c:


Anonymous asked: Hello, I am called Taisa. When the report that my picture is reproduced here this time was received and I was allowed to look in at the site here, otherwise, many far and near pictures were seen. Is copyright known? A maker has all the rights of a work. All the things of reproducing in the other place without a maker's permission etc. become copyright violation. Of course, copyright occurs also in my picture. And I do not permit reproduction. →

Ah, yes, I will refer to you Gressenheller University’s disclaimer here.

Also, I’m not sure which image was yours but if you could somehow point it out to me, I would be glad to take it down immediately. c:

I also realize that this was messaged to me last month and I apologize for the late reply and inactivity.


Anonymous asked: why does emmy doesnt appear in the first trilogy?

That, my good sir, is because Spectre’s Call/Last Specter & Mask Of Miracle are prequels to the first trilogy!


Anonymous asked: If professor Layton ever had a child, what do you think he/she would look like?? :D

Not Alfendy. X’D No offense. I just think that he looks more like Dimitri’s child if anything… with Oswald Whistler’s nose! :D

I’ve never thought of this before but now that I think of it, I’d love for the kid to have dot eyes… >w>


Anonymous asked: Please tell me you still have the link to the video with layton getting to the bottom of bottoms

O_O oh dear.

my memory fails me! can you be a little more specific? :’D


Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you would be so kind as to give me a link to the mediafire download of the Specter's Flute OST which you posted before? I've been searching for the music box version of Descole's Theme everywhere but I just can't seem to find it.

i gotchu, bro. <3

(and here’s the whole ost)

(haha, i also feel the need to credit the person who made it!)


Anonymous asked: où ont peut trouver ses trouse pour les acheter ?


Which package are you referring to, my dear?


Anonymous asked: Is there a way to tag things so that if I, say, wanted a picture with Clive and Flora, I could find it easily?

Well… I suppose there really is no easy way to get tagged pictures with just the two of them. But there is a blog for that specific ship*! (*Spoiler Warning)

I understand though that our current layout does not have a search bar… :( In case you would like to search Gressenheller’s tags, you can type in “/search/insert+character+name+here" at the end of Gressenheller’s URL link! (e.g., :’D I hope this helps!


Anonymous asked: Layton cosplay photos I'd like to see there is a separate collection of blogs?

OH, WHY, YES THERE IS!! …Although, the blog seems to be a little inactive. Sorry. ;_;


Anonymous asked: who is Lando Ascad's japanese voice actor?


Anonymous asked: Hey Possum9 again, WHERE THE HELL IS MY PIC!! the4 one where i'm solving a puzzle wit layton, gawd, i hope you never for got, long brown hair, blue eyes, 13yrs old, quite tall...


Anonymous asked: Does anyone actually know who the original creator of Monocle Layton is and how he came to be i would really like to know the hole history of him if its not a problem


This is not the first time someone has asked this. :D Allow me to redirect you to this link here! (**SPOILER WARNING for Lost/Unwound Future!)